$99 malware removal!

This offer is for drop-off/pick-up service only.  If I travel, then my regular hourly fee ($65/hr.) applies.

If I find that you indeed have hardware issues, I will alert you to that.  If I cannot remove your malware (that has never happened), you will not be charged.

What I do:

I use many techniques to find and remove viruses and other malware.  I often utilize bootable linux cd's, then manually move suspicious files to a safe place.  I disable all unnecessary auto-load files before loading the Windows OS.  I scan with multiple anti-malware softwares, both from linux, and from Windows.  I will edit the registry manually, if necessary, and enable/disable windows services manually, if necessary.  In short, I stop at nothing to get out the bad stuff.

Once cleaned, I download and install all applicable MS updates, unless you request me not to do so.  Finally, I will recommend free anti-malware software that is light on your resources, and instantly up-to-date, and will install that, if you wish.  If you wish to keep your current anti-malware software, that is, of course, OK.  At least when I'm done, it should be working again.

Please note that your anti-malware programs may well be broken -- not reporting on malware that has been designed to slip past.

In nearly every case where clients have complained about a computer becoming painfully slow, I have found that they are infected with one or more malware programs.  Norton, McAfee, AVG, or other anti-malware programs are often loaded, and not complaining about the malware.  This is THE NORM!  Malware creation is often sophisticated, often funded, and always designed to fool the most popular anti-malware programs.  If your computer is suddenly slow, it is not because its gears are old.  Something is eating your RAM and Processor, and it is very often malware.


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SINCE 1987

I started my professional support of computers in 1987 in the computer labs at San Francisco State University, eventually working, with the network administrator, for the Dean of the College of Humanities.  I moved from that job directly to a full-time computer support position at the large publishing firm Miller Freeman, Inc. (purchased by United News and Media).  Not long after, I started this computer business, having garnered clients immediately by word of mouth from those with whom I worked at Miller Freeman, Inc. 

I currently support many small- to medium-sized business clients in Oakland, Berkeley, and surrounding areas.  I am based in Brentwood, CA.

Macs, PC's, Linux

I enjoy being able to help you.

-- Eric Thompson, partner